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  • Opal Singleton Hendershot

Surge in Dark Web Usage

Analysis of five cybercrime focused Dark Web forums showed they grew by 44% during the spring of 2020 with the increase reflecting a trend toward higher participation overall.

The Dark Web is a somewhat unmonitored part of the world wide web. While there are legitimate uses for the Dark Web, it is also a haven for money launderers, hackers, drug and gun dealers, and child pornographers. For several years law enforcement has develop specialized technology to penetrate these organized rings, especially those sites that have activity involving child sex crimes. Last year, a subscription based child pornography site called "Welcome to Video" was found to have over one million paid subscribers to access CSAM (child sexual abuse materials). This article reveals that during a time of isolation and social distancing, more pedophiles and predators are turning to the Dark Net and the number of participants in dark net online chat rooms is surging.

This should challenge all of us, including Million Kids, to escalate our education programs for teens, parents, grandparents, schools, churches, and the public for prevention and intervention of social media exploitation.

See Opal's video as she talks about the dark web, who is on it (lots of child porn and pedophiles) and why it impacts you.

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