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  • Opal Singleton Hendershot

Operation Blackwrist - 50 children rescued

This case analysis is based on a global child pornography ring operating out of the Dark Web. The case started as Charles Orange, 55 yrs old from Longview Texas, was arrested for CSAM (child sexual abuse materials).

Prior to his arrest, law enforcement in Thailand, Australia and Bulgaria were investigating a horrific child sexual abuse ring which they dubbed "Operation Blackwrist". Investigators in 60 countries worked together to identify 11 boys that were victims who appeared in photos and videos being distributed by this organized criminal enterprise. The leader of the international underground ring turned out to be Montri Salangam in Thailand and he received a 146 year sentence to a Thai prison.

We can learn how large scale underground child pornography rings work and how we are able to locate and arrest thousands of individual participants to bring the ring down and get justice for the victims.


Watch Opal's video as she talks about this case, why it matters, and what we can learn from it.

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