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  • Opal Singleton Hendershot

12 Year Old Groomed by Pedophile

THIS IS JUST SO COMMON AND EXACTLY HOW IT IS DONE! And why we must not slow down on our mission of educating parents and teens.

Lets look at this:

He is 40 and a self proclaimed pedophile and white supremist. She is a prepubescent 12 year old girl.

He lives in Virginia, she lives in Fresno CA. They normally would have never met (it is a world without borders).

He met her through social media and groomed her.

They talked for two months without her parents - she developed a fantasy relationship of him being someone other than who he was.

He flew to California and got her to sneak out of her house at 2:00 AM (note - grooming means that she cooperated.) He took a rideshare to the Airport from her home and boarded a plane for Washington DC. He was caught with the girl on a layover in Denver.

SOME ONE OR SOMETHING triggered an awareness of the situation.

A search of his home showed that they had a relationship online for two months, he persuaded her to send pornographic images of herself and he runs a website promoting raping of children & sharing photos/videos of children being raped.

HERE IS WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT (not that he is a sick man - although he really is.)

But how easy it was for him to access a 12 year old girl. And now her life is changed forever. She chose to hide it from her parents & snuck out to run away with him.

The relationship of innocence is changed between parent and child.

The child will see herself differently in her sexual self image.

Her parents will also be traumatized.



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