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Women Lured by Fraudulent Modeling Agency

Jerome Terry Jr. Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking Scheme that Lured Women to a Fraudulent Los Angeles Modeling Agency

Jerome Terry Jr., a 45-year-old male from Chicago, plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking. Terry admitted that he and two unnamed co-conspirators set up a modeling agency management company called "CanadianGirlzRock". Using social media promotions, Terry intended and planned to recruit, entice and transport the women to Los Angeles and other locations and used coercion and fraud to engage the women in commercial sex acts.

Terry would use social media photos of other victims to entice additional women to come to LA to work as a model and event host. After they arrived they were forced into acts o prostitution. Terry continued to use the potential of a model career to access, groom and seduce multiple women.


Please note: A criminal complaint, an arrest, or an indictment is a formal accusation or allegation of criminal conduct, not evidence. A defendant is presumed innocent unless convicted through due process of law.

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