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Recently we have used the Million Kids Insider Alert programs to educate you about the many variations in Gang Trafficking. The Bloods Case out of Ft Worth Texas was a large scale gang focused on money laundering of more than $7 million dollars by forcing adult females into commercial sex in 13 states across the U.S. Then we reviewed an individual pimp, Dominic Cunningham who was a violent pimp operating out of Virginia controlling one young adult female.

This week we have breaking news regarding sentencing of the leaders of the Tillicum Park Gangsters which are part of the Black Gangster Disciples in Washington State. This ring was ran by "Boo" Holt while he was in prison. Holt controlled 9 other gang members who mercilessly trafficked young girls over several counties in Washington. One of the victims was only 13 years old. Holt was extremely violent issuing commands from prisons for rape, threats of death, recruiting young boys, and extreme kinds of punishment and torture for his victims. Gang trafficking is some of the most violent and destructive types of sex trafficking and the victims lives are changed forever.


Please note: A criminal complaint, an arrest, or an indictment is a formal accusation or allegation of criminal conduct, not evidence. A defendant is presumed innocent unless convicted through due process of law.

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