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The Border Crisis

We are all horrified when we see the photos of young children from foreign countries kept in miserable conditions at U.S. government detention centers. We are told about the thousands more headed towards our southern borders. Million Kids has a long history of combating all kinds of labor and sex trafficking so naturally, many people have asked for our thoughts on this situation. Truly it is heartbreaking and there are no easy solutions.

The United States as a sovereign nation has established orderly immigration processes to ensure that poor people from all over the world can apply to enter our country and in many cases stay and complete the requirements to become a citizen. Over the past ten years many government leaders have chosen to instruct citizens to enforce most of our Federal laws and ignore others. The chaos we are facing is because our leaders have chosen to no longer enforce the rule of law.

When a nation no longer enforces their federal laws it opens the doors for gangs, cartels and organized crime to decide who can enter a country, what it will cost them, and often the result is that fine good-hearted individuals from very poor countries are exploited in their homelands, then again as they pass through unfriendly countries and even worse, once they arrive on U.S. soil. We are not seeing bus loads of coyotes going home after they have escorted their prey to our country.

The question I have is this. Who is funding billions of dollars to agencies all over the U.S. to make sure these individuals are not trafficked, exploited, raped, blackmailed and extorted once they come into our communities and enter our schools and our communities? Human trafficking in the U.S is about to reach a whole new level.

**Watch the video below and learn more from Opal.**

Photo U.S. Customs and Border Protection


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