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Taking Down An International Pedophilia Ring

Thai child model agency shut down and modeling agents arrested

with more than 500,000 images of child sexual abuse.

This is a fascinating story of three separate cases coming together. You may wonder what a Thai modeling agency in Bangkok, and the arrest of serial sex offenders in Australia and Bulgaria have to do with us in the U.S. The answer is everything. They are connected.

Operation Blackwrist and Operation Casting Call are coordinated by 60 different law enforcement offices around the globe. So far more than 50,000 pedophiles have been identified as participants in a dark web pedophilia ring that horrendously violated children, filmed, and exchanged the images with other pedophiles around the world. Investigators are combing through over a half a million images of children being abused in order to locate and rescue them.

Stay tuned, you will begin to see the arrest of hundreds of pedophiles in the U.S as law enforcement officers work with global authorities to identify and arrest these perpetrators.

FBI Special Agent Daniel Alfin was involved in the groundbreaking PlayPen Case that made this all possible. He was gunned down and killed February 2 in Florida while serving a warrant for another child pornography case.

Watch Opal's video as she explains how this all happened, how they identified the perpetrators and are going on to catch the pedophiles.

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