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Marc Punzalan (27) sentenced to 15 years in conjunction with sextortion and online exploitation that caused a 13-year-old girl to take her own life.

Warning: This Insider Alert is lengthy, and analyzes a deeply disturbing criminal case. However, we believe that those of us who work to combat child sexual exploitation need to understand the severity of this crime and more importantly, learn from this example so we can help others before it is too late.

Her parents asked that her name be given out so that others would know about this case and can learn from it. Her name was Alexis Jordan and she went by AJ.

Marc Punzalan was a previously convicted pedophile prior to his activity that drove a young girl to commit suicide. It took 9 years before the victim's family could find justice. Punzalan was serving a 15 year prison term in Maryland for similar charges involving four young girls.

According to court records, Punzalan used an internet messenger service and coerced a 13 year old girl from Pennsylvania to send him nude photos of herself. The next two days turned into a nightmare as Punzalan repeatedly harassed, threatened, degraded and tormented the young girl. Her mother later testified that she had taken AJ's iPhone and deleted her Facebook page, but AJ created another one almost immediately.

Punzalan created multiple social media accounts in other victim's names and would send the sextortion photos of other victims to the young girl. Over the next two days, the 13 yr victim begged for him to stop and he would not. Ultimately she committed suicide.

While this is a horrific tragedy, there is much to learn from this case. At the end of the case analysis is a summary of behavioral indicators, how to interact with your child if you think they are being sextorted, and how to report it immediately so law enforcement can intervene.


Please note: A criminal complaint, an arrest, or an indictment is a formal accusation or allegation of criminal conduct, not evidence. A defendant is presumed innocent unless convicted through due process of law.

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