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13 year old brutally murdered by man she met online

Innocent 13-year-old enticed online by a predator and brutally assaulted and murdered. We look at the tragic and devastating story of Patricia Alatorre from Bakersfield, California who disappeared on July 1, 2020. It is a story every teen and preteen who uses the Internet should hear.

Patricia was an exceptional young lady - smart, beautiful, talented and apparently full of energy. Like millions of other teens she met someone online and began to send photos and chatted. But what started as an exciting fantasy relationship ended in total tragedy. Please watch Opal's video and the linked YouTube Court TV video and share with your teens. Fair warning this is an intense and graphic story so please use caution to not traumatize very young kids.

The alleged perpetrator has plead "not guilty" and the trial is expected to start this month. Please follow us as we will report on the trial once it begins. And pray for the Alatorre family as they see justice for their beautiful daughter Patricia.

Watch Opal's video and then click on the You Tube Court TV video link below to watch and share with your teen. Then we recommend you have an honest conversation about being safe online. (Please note the videos contain graphic content.)


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