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  • Opal Singleton Hendershot

Holding Pornhub Accountable

Pornhub is the largest provider of pornography in the world. In 2019 they had 42 BILLION visits, averaging 115 Million a day or 80,000 visits per minute.

One of the fastest growing categories for Pornhub is amateur pornography. One of the most important trends to recognize is that the porn stars received more than 80 million messages or communications. Buyers of pornography are looking for an interactive relationship more than just viewing a remote paid porn star. It will greatly magnify porn addiction for both adults and teens.

This reinforces exactly what Million Kids has been saying for several years. By 2020/21 interactive subscription based pornography will be the largest criminal enterprise in the world. The problem for Pornhub is that there have been little effort to vet the violent and dangerous materials or minors creating sexual live streaming. As advanced technologies bring the world together with financial transaction capabilities, mass audience live streaming and webcam sex, our world is about to make a major left turn and our children will pay the price.

Now two Republican Senators (Hawley and Sasse) are taking it on. Mastercard also announced they won't allow their cards to be used (due to what they say is a finding of "unlawful content") and Visa has suspended use of their cards on the site pending their own investigation.

We will continue to share more news on the website's Insider Alerts about how quickly adults and teens are moving into the world of pay per view web cam interactive sex for money. Some of these folks are being exploited.


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