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David Mearis - Sex Trafficking Pimp

“Many days I thought might be my last, being beat as if not human,” said one woman. “I ask that you ensure that no other human has to be subject to the threat of Mr. Mearis. He has created distress and trauma to one too many women and I how we are the last victims of his destructive mind.”

David Mearis was a career pimp who was brutal, controlling and violent. One of his victims was legally "mentally challenged" and he preyed on her by violating her and taking her disability supplement checks. One victim was exploited, controlled and violently manipulated for over eight years.

There is much to learn about how violent pimps seduce and exploit their victims. It started when the victims were young and impressionable and they were "seduced" into what they thought would be the good life. It quickly turned to a nightmare. At trial, the jury heard evidence that spanned from approximately 2007 – 2016. Four victims testified about how they each met Mearis while still teenagers and how he won them over with gifts and kindness before using threats, control, sexual abuse and physical force to compel them into prostitution.

One victim was 17 when she run away from her Oakland, California, home. Another victim was only 15 when she met Mearis. Both of these girls considered Mearis their boyfriend in the earlier stages of their relationships but were eventually forced to engage in commercial sex daily and at all times of the day.

This case is successful because the very brave victims testified to their abuse and received assistance from professionals and prosecutors. In the end he received a sentence of life in prison and required to pay the victims nearly $1 million to help them recover and try to rebuild their lives.


Watch Opal's video as she explains what we can learn from this - Romeo pimping to Guerilla pimping and the importance of educating the public.


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