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Global Child Pornography

The impact of Covid has accelerated the number of reported child sexual violations - more kids are online and more people have immediate access to porn. How do global child porn rings get the images, how do they share them, how does law enforcement combat it and how you can protect your children?

This Million Kids Insider Alert is designed to share how global and local CSAM (child abuse materials) rings operate and most important how law enforcement identifies a predator, investigates, apprehends and prosecutes.

We discuss how a pedophile in the Inland Empire might be connected to a large scale CSAM ring operating in the Dark Net and the administration of the site is in Australia but the site itself is hosted out of Bulgaria and the violation of victims is taking place in Thailand, and the Inland Empire. We highlight the work of Fontana Police Department, the Fresno Police Department and look at the impact Covid has had on accelerating the number of cases of child sexual violation that are being reported throughout the U.S.

Every kid needs to know how the Internet works, what happens to naked photos, and what is adult sex. Every child at some point will meet a pedophile online, and they need to understand the world they live in and what to do before it happens.

Watch Opal's video as she explains about porn and how pedophiles work.

National Hotline - Polaris

1-888-3737-888 or BeFree Textline Text "BeFree" (233733)


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