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Atlanta Tragedy

Recently we all watched in horror as news outlets around the world shared about the horrific shooting in Atlanta.

One of the first shootings took place in an Asian owned massage parlor. Many of the news broadcasters immediately started talking about Asian Hate Crimes. But the shooter, Arron Long, said it was not about their race. He said that he had an intense sex addiction and he had a history of visiting massage parlors to relieve his addiction. It is all truly tragic.

The important part of this story that few people are talking about is that Mr. Long was visiting an illicit massage facility. All over America foreign nationals operate massage spas where young girls from China, Taiwan , Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and many other countries are lured into coming to the U.S. They come on the possibility of going to a University or getting a job, and then they are forced into sleazy massage parlors where they are forced to have sex with multiple customers all day and night.

Who are the customers? Men like Mr. Long who have an overpowering sex addiction that brings them a place of anger, self hatred and disgust. There are many issues in this case that need to be considered and the media is not doing our society a favor by isolating a single theory to advance their political bias.

**Watch the video below and learn more from Opal.**


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