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A Discussion for all Parents

An electrifying discussion about sex trafficking and sextortion. What you need to know as a parent, grandparent, guardian or anyone who works with kids.

Opal was recently interviewed by Sky Phillips of Dark Matters in Kansas City and they had a frank discussion about sex trafficking and sextortion.

Opal shares what she has learned about grooming and trafficking and who it impacts. She also looks at how the Internet plays a role, fantasy relationships, gangs, types of trafficking, and what signs parents should look for and how to respond.

As Sky Phillips says, "It blows me away, how big this has exploded because parents, and the pandemic, the parents are trying to make a living, the kids are at home many of them from school and they start sending these pictures."

Boys who get sextorted more often get involved through game chat rooms and send naked photos while girls will develop fantasy relationships that will lead to more. The question every parent should be asking their children is "do they know where naked photos go when they hit send"? Pedophiles will prey on the fear of being "damaged goods" and that is how they can manipulate kids after they have sent a naked photo.

This is a MUST WATCH video and definitely one you'll want to share with other parents.


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