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43 Alleged Gang Members Arrested in Fresno

Gang Activities were Funded by Sex Trafficking

and the Sale of Guns and Drugs

Great job by the Fresno Police Department who provided over 200 law enforcement personnel and 25 SWAT Teams to take down a major gang criminal enterprise. Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama said that "Operation No Fly Zone" prevented two mass shootings . Fresno County District Attorney, Lisa Smittcamp, told reporters that gang members, who were both male and female, bought guns, expensive cars, and jewelry made by forcing women into sex trafficking then used the money to post bond for other gang members to get out of jail.

Opal Singleton, Million Kids shares how gangs access, groom and recruit naive young people into sex trafficking. Victims of gang sex trafficking endure some of the harshest conditions experienced in human trafficking.

A look at the guns used by these gang members tells all of us about how difficult it is for a young person to get out of a gang, once they have been recruited or broken. These young ladies are forced to have sex day and night and the money they made was taken from them and used to finance the gang activity and a lavish lifestyle.

We are proud of all the participants of this very important and dangerous case. So good to see law enforcement step up and join forces to protect the community of Fresno.


Please note: A criminal complaint, an arrest, or an indictment is a formal accusation or allegation of criminal conduct, not evidence. A defendant is presumed innocent unless convicted through due process of law.

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