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FREE Online Training Video for Every Parent

A must watch 68-minute workshop by Opal Singleton for every parent or grandparent about online exploitation - how it happens and what you can do to protect your family.

Thank you to Chaffey Joint Union High School District in collaboration with the Ontario-Montclair School District for making this happen.


Be sure to also listen to Opal at 3:00 pm every Saturday on AM 590. If you are not in the broadcast area, this show can be heard online a

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Archived Audio with Expert Analysis

The Best Weapon Against Grooming

Parents often ask Opal what they can do to make certain their child is not a victim of sexual exploitation (whether it is sextortion, social media exploitation or sex trafficking). The answer may surprise you. You won't want to miss this special presentation.

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What Makes Some People More Vulnerable Than Others

This show will explore the many factors related to vulnerability. The number one factor is the belief that you are “damaged goods.” We will explore the difference between “failing” and “being flawed.” Very often it is the desire to “fit in” to be accepted and sometimes it has to do with the desperate need for others to “take care of me.”  We will explore risk taking behaviors and how the desire to take short cuts and get quick fame and success or easy money that opens the door to exploitation. 

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Where Do Naked Photos Go When You Hit "Send"

The CDC estimates that 18,000 kids a day will send a naked photo online. And that was before social distancing and Covid isolation and online learning. Have you ever thought about where naked photos “go” when you hit “send”? This presentation talks about the global phenomena of sexting and sending illicit videos and photos and the psychological impact they have on the sender. A simple act of making a bad decision when hormones rage can change your life forever. That is true if you are 15 or 65.

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The Terrifying Power of Online Fantasy Relationships

Kids as young as five will have their classes online giving them unprecedented access to the world wide web. More kids than ever will be bored, stressed and unsupervised due to Covid isolation. Apps like Tik Tok, Likee and Byte will provide our kids millions of likes and thousands of followers who can text directly to our kids. There is a huge difference between a real-life relationship where you can see and evaluate who you are communicating with and an online relationship where every one looks beautiful, rich and promises to make our kids famous. Few people are preparing their kids to understand how to evaluate an “Empowering Relationship” and an “Exploitative Relationship” when you cannot see who is really on the other end.

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